Business Advisory

Put simply business advisory involves utilising your financial statements and other financial tools to find relationships that indicate the health of your business.

With this knowledge we can help you to take active steps within your business to create long-term value.

Parallax Accounting can help you understand the interdependent nature of the financial system in your business.  Let us treat the causes not the symptoms and start improving your business today.

We can offer your business a comprehensive and focussed advisory package.  Our package will allow you to see the ‘Big Picture’ within your business so you can focus your energy in the correct place to achieve real transformations within your business.  We can also help you with a one off diagnosis of your business health and give suggestions about changes that you could implement within your business.

Our services we offer to you:

  • Financial statements ratio analysis – financial performance review
  • Benchmarking data (your business to other similar businesses)
  • Review of cause and effect problems within your business
  • Review your working capital cycle – help implement systems to manage it
  • Break even analysis  - managing your costs, volume & pricing
  • Help you prepare budgets and cash flows and plan for your business growth
  • Help you design and implement policies, procedures and systems in your business to drive real value
  • Help you prepare a business plan to focus your efforts on building real value;
  • Succession Planning – help prepare your business for sale;

If you would like to discuss how we can help improve your business please contact us for a consultation.

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