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ShareStory is a team of ambitious creatives who specialise in the strategic production of high-end video, photo and graphic design for businesses and brands. The Brisbane based creative agency provides services to clients across Queensland including some brands here on the Darling Downs such as Lavish Constructions, Yellow-Bridge QLD and R&F Steel Buildings.

ShareStory History

Back in 2016 there was a serious shift in advertising and marketing. Social media wasn’t new, and neither was advertising on it. But the standard of content was. Any business with a decent product or service who could pull off these professional techniques was thriving on social media.

Andrew and Anthony realised that if they joined forces — and expertise — and created content together with this serious goal of generating business through social media, they could help local businesses flourish. Their goal grew beyond social media though, we now create content for a wide range of marketing platforms.

ShareStory is all about finding the good in a business, packaging it into a story, and sharing it with the right people. It’s not just about creativity, it is creativity supported by strategy and a strong understanding of what it takes to connect.

How Parallax Has Assisted ShareStoryShareStory w Shaun

Over the past 8 months, Parallax Accounting have provided business and financial advice that has helped the company regain profitability and chart a course towards new, exciting goals in 2020. Not only that but Shaun has helped re-educate the management team on how to run the business from a financial perspective inside and out. Giving us a renewed sense of control and confidence when it comes to growing our business the right way.

Videos About ShareStory:

Cinematic Showreel
BT Lawyers Project Story
GMD Project Story

Some Recent Projects:

The Legend of BT Lawyers (About Us Campaign)
Multipest Cinema Advertising Campaign (Pest Control)
Kong Group Case Study (Construction & Development)
GMD - Lustre (Children's Activewear)
BookJoy - Logo & Brand (Booking Platform)

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